Review Policy

If you have a book you think I might like please contact me and I’ll be happy to review it.

How to contact me: by e-mail at

What you can expect from my reviews:

The best I can promise you is my honest opinion. As you may see, most of my ratings are between 3-5 stars because I wouldn’t pick up something I don’t enjoy in the first place.

I like supporting new and local authors, I enjoy character-driven books. A well-rounded character is more important to me than a fantastic/intricate plot.

When I accept books for review:

If you contact me and I reply means it’s a good time and I accept books.

What I accept:

I accept ARCs, finished paperbacks and hardcovers, and eBooks (PDF or Kindle). I also accept books that have been published for some time but deserve a little more spotlight. I will accept audiobooks unless they are in CD formatacc

I will not accept content that is offensive, discriminatory, or otherwise inappropriate for publication.

Where I Review:

  • On this blog
  • Goodreads: as I finish books, including status updates
  • Indigo (by request)
  • Kindle: for eBooks only (by request)
  • Amazon (by request)
  • I also include new books on Instagram (“Bookstagram”)

How I rate:

I rate books from 1 to 5 stars, including half points.

5 Stars A book that is so perfect that I can’t stop thinking about it for years to come. The theme, the content, and the way it is written come together in perfect harmony. Also on a personal level I must have read it at the right time. Strongly recommend to everyone.
4.5 They are books that stay with me, still haunt me, I can’t stop thinking about them but something’s missing that’s not quite perfect (for me). I recommend it.
4 Stars This is a good book. I loved it. I recommend it. Well written.

3.5 I thought it was okay, but for someone else this could be 4 stars or have literary merit.
3 Stars It was ok

2.5 It’s not awful, but it’s not good. In layman’s terms: “meh”
2 Stars Wouldn’t really recommend it but I read it

1.5 It’s not a fail, but it’s not an enjoyable read or has any literary merit
1 Star T’was awful. I dislike it. I rated it just to emphasize how much I dislike it.

DNF: could not and did not finish. This is rare. If I think a book won’t be right for me at a specific time I do not count it or speak about it unless I read it all. I will wait until I think it is a good time to read it and give it a fair chance. I have only “DNFed” two books and do not plan to return to them ever again: Finnegan’s Wake and Michel Foucault’s The Order of Things.

I also tend to not give a chance to authors who have been in the news for being: racist, sexist, or discriminatory.